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Application Services

We at Enrich? A Data Intensity Company, help our clients get the most value from Oracle applications. While many businesses have these applications, many have not implemented or posses the knowledge necessary to realize the full potential. The full value of a company’s Oracle investment is only actualized when these products are operating at full capacity. This is the purpose and goal of Enrich. We assist in the implementation of Oracle applications with long-term ROI in mind. As an Oracle Platinum Partner with over 12 years experience, we provide hundreds of Oracle experts that deliver exceptional value to a company’s bottom-line.

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Procurement Solutions

Enrich Procurement Solutions act as an easy-to-use, innovative way to manage your entire procurement functions, from Spend Visibility to Supplier Payment, on an inter-connected Oracle platform, SaaS, or on-premise. Leveraging our deep procurement expertise, we deliver millions to companies’ bottom-lines, transforming procurement functions. From small businesses to enterprise companies, we have developed solutions for all types of business infrastructures and can easily find a solution to fit your needs. Enrich Procurement Solutions are comprehensive, user-friendly and quick to deploy. Built to last, Enrich – A Data Intensity Company adds value to companies worldwide to fully utilize their resources and serve a growing client base.

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Oracle Cloud

Competition between businesses is more fierce than ever. Modern cloud applications from Oracle help companies reimagine their business and optimize their effectiveness, putting them a step ahead of the rest. The best-of-breed SaaS applications in the Oracle Cloud are integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities. The Oracle Cloud helps companies deliver the results to succeed, the experiences customers expect, and the performance the market demands.

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